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Gianna's Sapphire Sandstone Beads
Gianna's Sapphire Sandstone Beads

Gianna's Sapphire Sandstone Beads

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Gianna's Sapphire Sandstone Beads are said to balance the chakras and gives you energy. They are said to help to build, maintain and strengthen relationships. They allow you to be grounded. They remove feelings of inferiority and opens you to infinite potential and possibilities in life. A cheerful stone, Sandstone keeps those annoying mood swings under control. When Sandstone Beads are used on the Sacral chakra, they can help you discern the truth among those around you and keep your mind clear when making decisions. Sandstone brings courage, confidence, and willpower, clears the mind, and relieves the pressure. If you want to improve your focus in life and to get rid of anxiety and stress, this is a stone for you.

  • Type: Beads and Jewelry Making
  • Quantity: 4mm - 95pcs / 6mm - 63pcs / 8mm - 48pcs / 10mm - 38pcs / 12mm - 30pcs 
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Semi-precious Stone
  • Style: Fashion
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